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The Power Of Social Media Engagement – How To Use It To Your Advantage

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One thing is for sure, which is Social Media has the power to change the landscape of marketing in ways we never thought possible. It has a way of attracting individuals who are like minded to one another. Social media is both appealing when it comes to the personal or opinions being shared by its users, as well as powerful in that businesses get to showcase the best side of their products.


Take a photographer. If you be an accomplished photographer wanting to showcase your profile with others, you can make use of your photographic expertise by simply showing a few very interesting shoots through social networking giants like Pinterest and Facebook to attract interest. This may give you an unfair advantage as your images are going to convey both powerful perspectives and also something uniquely different when around everyday places and events. If you want to achieve optimal appeal, all you have to to do as photographer would be to add something personal yet insightful about the location or event you had been at. We could use an environmental shot gone on at someone’s wedding as an example of how you might simply add a couple of meaningful words to explain what moved you to obtain the specific shot at the location you were at. Now, just think about the amount of likes, comments and even re-tweets you are going to get from publishing this on various social media networks.


There is certainly of course a lot more to the power and magic of social media networks than simply your own perspectives. In the past, you would basically judge whether someone really liked your work or not, depending on the number of hits you will get on your blog or website. Complete with the power of social media, you really get public feedback and also get involved in numerous discussions the minute you exhibit your products or services. It will be about acknowledging what many will refer to as the 3 C’s of social media effectiveness, namely, conversation, community, and collaboration. This could mean you need to be willing to interact with various individuals who may or may not want to consider what you have to offer.


In addition, you have to differentiate yourself from your competitors by providing your followers something that they don’t. You may have to dig a little to discover what your followers would like to know, and what their choices are. By taking on a different angle and positioning yourself as an expert in a specific Niche, you fans will begin to trust you and actually share the useful info you provide with their friends. This is what we call free promotion, and showing just how powerful social networking platforms can be.


You may want to delve a bit deeper into the topic of social media and discover 5 surefire methods as to how you can socially engage with your customers by referring to the White Paper on Social Engagement where you will find some very interesting information that can be used to your advantage.

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Defining Beauty in the Context of Alt Films and Home Aesthetics

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Just like your ancestors had different notions and beliefs of true beauty, the alternative film industry has a rather “native” perception on what beauty is, as compared to mainstream films. There are some native races that believed that women with long necks are the most beautiful, that is why they had them wear stacks of necklaces so that their necks would actually become longer. Other native groups saw beauty in women who had long hair. That is why some ancestral races forbid the cutting of the hair of the women in the tribe. They had their own share of what beauty is and they had their means to reach those standards.

Nowadays, while it may not be absolute, but around the globe, there has become a unifying definition of a beautiful body – 36-26-36. This is the standard and the target vital statistics of a woman who want to join beauty pageants. Thus, we can logically conclude that it is the standard of a beautiful body, no matter what culture or race you came from. If you want to join international beauty competitions, or simply become a movie star, you will have to have this vital statistics. If you do, you have a very good chance of making it through representing your country and the movie industry.

Physical aspect plays a very important and major role in any beauty competition. After all, it is a beauty competition. While you can add your smartness and your talent as an edge to your viability as a candidate, it is still your physique that will greatly affect your score.  That is why, even though each race has different cultures and has different biological traits that greatly affect how they normally look, aspiring beauty queens find ways to reach that golden vital stats no matter what.

This perception on beauty and its relation to the alternative film industry can be likened to how people value home repair services such as the following:

People have a different  perception on what is a beautiful home, a great roof and a safe space is. Hence, a lot are offering services that cater to different types of personalities. However, if there is one thing that is universal, that is the fact that everyone aims to have a home that is not only aesthetically appealing, but is also sturdy enough to protect the owner and every person who sets food inside the home or building.

Overall, whatever one’s perception of beauty is, the important thing is that you know and understand what you want to achieve, and hire or be around the right people that can help you achieve that beauty, no matter the price.


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A List Of My Favorite Romantic Movies

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Romantic movies, name it! I love them all. I already expressed my addiction to romantic movies in a previous blog post, but I just explained why I am head over heels for these kinds of flicks.

This, time, I want to actually talk about a few things about my favorite romantic films, and hopefully get you all to watch them too and feel the beauty of love as much as I did whenever I watch and re-watch these films.

I find it ironic knowing that I am single and have not had any relationship, but I still so love watching romantic movies. I feel like I can somehow relate to the character. I wish that someday my love story will be like those the ones in the movie. There three romantic movies that I will never ever forget for the rest of my life.

The Notebook

It is based on the novel of Nicholas Sparks. I can say that it is the most romantic movie of all time. It stars Ryan Gosling who played as Noah, a country boy who fell in love with a rich lady. The story happened in 1940 during the World War II. It is a story of great love that even a degenerative disease called Alzheimer couldn’t tore them apart. It’s fighting for your one and only love and growing old together.

Here’s a trailer for you to fall in love with the movie and hopefully  make you want to watch:

A Walk to Remember

This is another beautiful story of Nicholas Sparks. This film featured Mandy Moore and Shane West. It is an uplifting romantic story that features two beautiful people with contrasting personalities. The guy is a tough and rebellious one while the girl is a quiet and introvert. The girl is suffering from a terminal illness, but no illness can stop true love. Their love for each other prevails despite the illness and differences.

The Fault in our Stars

This film is based on the novel of John Green. It is about a 16 year old girl who has a cancer, forced by her parents to attend a support group called “Literal Heart of Jesus” where she met and fell in love with a 17 year old guy. He was an ex-basketball player and an amputee. The movie starred Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort and Nat Wolff. The director was Josh Boone.

Pretty Woman

Oh, my! This is my all-time favourite romantic movie. I love the story, plus I super love the lead actors, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. The story is about a hooker and a rich businessman. Gere hired Roberts to be his escort for some social events. The two fell in love despite their differences in life. Roberts transformed into a beautiful, fine young woman while Gere changed from a serious and strict businessman to a cool and charming man.

If you have not seen any of the films mentioned above, then I suggest you find time to watch the movies. They will surely make you believe that true love does exist.


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My Addiction To Romantic Movies

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The Spectacular Now Romantic Movie

Image Credit:

There is something about romantic movies that is truly fascinating. Watching movies is more than just a hobby and an advocacy for me, it is also more of a stress reliever for me. I am a woman in my early 30s and until now I always make sure that I get to see all romantic movies.

Why I so loved watching romantic movies? Well, I have a couple of reasons for that and if you insist on finding out, these reasons are as follows:

It gets in touch with my emotions

I must admit, I am en emotional person. Well, I bet all women are emotional. A romantic movie has a special way of connecting with my emotions. It makes me laugh and it makes my tears flow easily too. I can relate to the story of love, especially falling and losing love.

It makes things alive

Aside from watching romantic movies, I am also fond of reading romantic novels. Of the two, I prefer watching movies because it makes things alive and real. It is more entertaining than reading books. Although the emotion is just the same, but watching the characters into life is much more entertaining and less time consuming.

It gives me a hint at men

One of the reasons why I love watching romantic movies is the fact that it helps me understand men and even women alike. The relationship, struggles, and learning I get from the movie will be then applied to my personal relationship. They say that most romantic movies are fictional and some of the scenes are impossible to happen in real life. I don’t mind at all for as long as I get some hints and strategies to deal with my man, then that’s just fine with me.

I can relate to the character

Whenever I watch romantic movies, I am imagining that I am the lead character of the movie. I am 30 years old and I admit that I have been into many relationship, different kinds of relationship. I can say that I can somehow relate to the characters of the romantic movie. At some point in my life, I was in their situation. Hence, watching romantic movie is like reliving the memories of the past.

Some of the romantic movies that I will never ever forget are TitanicThe Notebook, Dear John, and The Fault in Our Stars. If you have not watch these movies, then I strongly suggest you go and get a copy of such movies. They can surely change the way you see love and life in general.

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Noah Somehow Reminds Me of Water Damage Restoration in NY

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Water Damage Restoration in NY I Believe Can Even Restore Biblical Flood Damage

The new 2014 Movie by Russell Crowe, Noah is one of my new favorite biblical based movies. Like who doesn’t want some thrill, action and at the same time something that was ripped off from the bible and lots of people, especially Christians strongly believed in this event. During the whole movie I was like WOW, the effect and the story line was all spectacular, phasing was just perfect; it wasn’t too fast nor was it too slow.

From actually knowing the whole story about it since I was also raised as Catholic, I’ve already had lots of background as to where it was all going but even still knowledgeable of the story, it still got me surprised. Now that is something I believe is a good directed movie, like knowing already something yet it can astonish you, I say it was really well played, acted and scripted.

I also wondered about how it was filmed and how much did it actually cost, things like that really intrigue me and makes me very skeptic as to what the public information say. Well one thing that I actually though about the story of the movie is that if such flood were to ever happen again, what are we going to do?

First thing that comes to my mind is my personal stuff, especially my computer that actually provides me all my movies and all my data and the reason I am able to encode this all out. So if some weird guy is suddenly making a titanic out of nowhere then I’ll surely buy his ticket to get a ride and ensure every essential thing to me, with me.

Water Damage Restoration in NY I Believe Can Even Restore Biblical Flood Damage

So, what happens after the flood, hmmmm do you guys think like I should go back to my house and just won’t expect damage, of course no! Then the first thing that comes to my mind is to call help from a water damage restoration. LOL even if I’ve survived that kind of flood, I think lots of people who are in that kind of business will survive as well and take this as an advantage. Like I assume they would say, “Hey, the movie Noah is becoming reality any time soon…, so better pack our business and rent our own ferry! after the flood everyone needs some repair and it’s money guys.”

So one that I had actually experienced just the past 2 weeks that provided me superb service is a water damage restoration in NY, helped me really well especially our problems about the drops we get from the rooftop.

Well for you guys if ever you aren’t prepared if suddenly a flood would swoop out of nowhere and luckily you would survived I actually search for a few that might help:



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Evolution of Media

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Just a few years back, we all thought that technology has become very helpful in terms of information dissemination. Media has become so powerful through radio, print and especially through Television. Everything that needed to be shared to the public was easily done so through TV ads, News segments, radio commercials, billboards, and other media devices. Who would have thought that technology could push it farther still?

The birth of the internet paved a new way for media to walk through. Now, we do not have to wait for the 6 o’clock news to air on TV to find out the latest news in fashion, politics, celebrities and everything and anything under the sun that is worth noting. Now, we just fire up our laptops or mobile phones and Google up whatever it is that we want to know. In split seconds, search results that match your search would pop up your screen, ready for you to read.

Now, we can find out what is going on in any place around the globe, no matter where we are. We can go back in history and read about what happened 30years ago today, and still, the World Wide Web can provide you with answers. From the simplest task of finding the store nearest your location, to finding out how to commute from Canada to Vietnam, it’s there, it’s available.

Advertising has also taken a new form. Pop ups and ad banners on different sites become the new mode of advertisement and has become very effective, too.

There are various companies available that aim to help people advertise products by aiding them in their connection with their clients. In Canada, one of the newest in connection services is Broad Connect, and people have been impressed with the features of hosted PBX system, as it is one of the most reliable systems today.

This company, along with many more companies, are able to sync business systems into one, making it easier for business people and employers to monitor their daily production and the daily performance of their employees.

Indeed, online media has become a total game changer. Now, everything is instant and fast, that is why competition has become more difficult and the required skill set to be able to compete has also changed and has become more demanding. Nonetheless, people who use the internet should be more cautious and skeptic about the things they read. They should be able to discern reliable sources from bogus sources, and they should be diligent enough to do their own research before believing anything that goes up the internet, just to be sure.

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The Difficult World of A Movie Star

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Some people think that being an actor or an actress is an easy and fabulous job. They think that they do nothing but smile at cameras and make money out of faking tears and showing a pretty face, or by hiring doubles to make it look like they know how to dive, do tumbling skills, and whatever a movie requires them to do. I may not be an actor but I can sympathize to the fact that what they do, is not an easy job. Sure, they may make millions out of it and they may live a life of comfort and fame, but it is not always that way.

There are times that they put their lives in danger especially when they go for movies that are risky and dangerous. Another thing that most actors and actresses have to give up is their private lives. Once they rise to stardom, they almost become like public properties, where everybody thinks they have the right to know where their favorite actors and actresses are, what they are eating, what they are wearing, and so forth. To forego the pleasures of privacy is not an easy thing to do, especially when people then start to always have high hopes and expectations from you.

Another thing that these actors and actresses have to constantly struggle with is their appearance. Not only will their fans hate them if they don’t like their new haircut or their new tan, the directors and producers will also tend to lessen their exposure or whatnot. It is also amazing how actors that start on a film that take years to finish, are able to maintain their physique despite the time that has passed them doing the same film or series. For instance, if you portray an FBI agent in a series, you have to make sure that you look exactly the same in the first season of the show. In the show you might have only been showcased for 24 days, but in real life the filming could have taken months, and in those months, you have to ensure that you looked exactly the way you are from the start of the shoot to the end.

These are just but some of the things that movie stars have to endure in order to give the public, especially their fans, the entertainment they seek. They give up their privacy and they have to sacrifice a lot of self-time and other activities.

The next time you bash on a movie star, hopefully you would realize that they are just human too and they also work very hard to keep their stardom status.


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Supporting the Movie Industry Through Art

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I have always been a fan of good movies. I watch all sorts of movies from action films, drama, fantasy, science fiction, comedy, love stories, romantic comedies, and even cartoons and real life adaptations and book adaptations. Whenever I hear about a good movie, I would make sure that I do not miss watching it so that I could collect more and more inspiration for my mini sets.

My house has a room filled with my creations of mini sets from different movies that I loved dearly. I have mini sets from the most inspiring and memorable scenes from Titanic, Frozen, Jumanji, Jurassic Park, 50 first dates, High school musical, and many more. When I make a set for a movie, it is like my own way of showing that I was moved by it or simply entertained.

These mini sets have been with me since I started doing them, which is about 3 years now. They are my dearest possessions and they somehow showcase my growth over the years. I would be devastated if anything happens to even a single one of them.

For the security of my creations, I make sure that my house is free from any type of possible harm. I make sure they are well placed and that they will not get in the way of other people living in the house.

This hobby is just but one of the many things I do to show my love and appreciation for the movie industry. Maybe, someday, I would be able to work in a movie crew.

Unlike other people that wish to become famous and be part of movies, I have a different desire. I wish to be a part of many successful movies, but I want to be behind the camera. I want to be part of the creative team that actually makes the magic happen in movies.

Being able to find out how they do the things they do, the lights, sounds, the effects, creating set after set, they seem to not run out of things to do, and that I really wonder how it would be to work that way.

I would find so much joy in being able to serve the movie industry. But at the moment, I will be contented in supporting them through my continued patronage of their art, as well as in perfecting my handicraft of mini sets.

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