Defining Beauty in the Context of Alt Films and Home Aesthetics

Just like your ancestors had different notions and beliefs of true beauty, the alternative film industry has a rather “native” perception on what beauty is, as compared to mainstream films. There are some native races that believed that women with long necks are the most beautiful, that is why they had them wear stacks of necklaces so that their necks would actually become longer. Other native groups saw beauty in women who had long hair. That is why some ancestral races forbid the cutting of the hair of the women in the tribe. They had their own share of what beauty is and they had their means to reach those standards.

Nowadays, while it may not be absolute, but around the globe, there has become a unifying definition of a beautiful body – 36-26-36. This is the standard and the target vital statistics of a woman who want to join beauty pageants. Thus, we can logically conclude that it is the standard of a beautiful body, no matter what culture or race you came from. If you want to join international beauty competitions, or simply become a movie star, you will have to have this vital statistics. If you do, you have a very good chance of making it through representing your country and the movie industry.

Physical aspect plays a very important and major role in any beauty competition. After all, it is a beauty competition. While you can add your smartness and your talent as an edge to your viability as a candidate, it is still your physique that will greatly affect your score.  That is why, even though each race has different cultures and has different biological traits that greatly affect how they normally look, aspiring beauty queens find ways to reach that golden vital stats no matter what.

This perception on beauty and its relation to the alternative film industry can be likened to how people value home repair services such as the following:

People have a different  perception on what is a beautiful home, a great roof and a safe space is. Hence, a lot are offering services that cater to different types of personalities. However, if there is one thing that is universal, that is the fact that everyone aims to have a home that is not only aesthetically appealing, but is also sturdy enough to protect the owner and every person who sets food inside the home or building.

Overall, whatever one’s perception of beauty is, the important thing is that you know and understand what you want to achieve, and hire or be around the right people that can help you achieve that beauty, no matter the price.