Evolution of Media

Image Credit: flickr.com

Image Credit: flickr.com

Just a few years back, we all thought that technology has become very helpful in terms of information dissemination. Media has become so powerful through radio, print and especially through Television. Everything that needed to be shared to the public was easily done so through TV ads, News segments, radio commercials, billboards, and other media devices. Who would have thought that technology could push it farther still?

The birth of the internet paved a new way for media to walk through. Now, we do not have to wait for the 6 o’clock news to air on TV to find out the latest news in fashion, politics, celebrities and everything and anything under the sun that is worth noting. Now, we just fire up our laptops or mobile phones and Google up whatever it is that we want to know. In split seconds, search results that match your search would pop up your screen, ready for you to read.

Now, we can find out what is going on in any place around the globe, no matter where we are. We can go back in history and read about what happened 30years ago today, and still, the World Wide Web can provide you with answers. From the simplest task of finding the store nearest your location, to finding out how to commute from Canada to Vietnam, it’s there, it’s available.

Advertising has also taken a new form. Pop ups and ad banners on different sites become the new mode of advertisement and has become very effective, too.

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Indeed, online media has become a total game changer. Now, everything is instant and fast, that is why competition has become more difficult and the required skill set to be able to compete has also changed and has become more demanding. Nonetheless, people who use the internet should be more cautious and skeptic about the things they read. They should be able to discern reliable sources from bogus sources, and they should be diligent enough to do their own research before believing anything that goes up the internet, just to be sure.