My Addiction To Romantic Movies

The Spectacular Now Romantic Movie

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There is something about romantic movies that is truly fascinating. Watching movies is more than just a hobby and an advocacy for me, it is also more of a stress reliever for me. I am a woman in my early 30s and until now I always make sure that I get to see all romantic movies.

Why I so loved watching romantic movies? Well, I have a couple of reasons for that and if you insist on finding out, these reasons are as follows:

It gets in touch with my emotions

I must admit, I am en emotional person. Well, I bet all women are emotional. A romantic movie has a special way of connecting with my emotions. It makes me laugh and it makes my tears flow easily too. I can relate to the story of love, especially falling and losing love.

It makes things alive

Aside from watching romantic movies, I am also fond of reading romantic novels. Of the two, I prefer watching movies because it makes things alive and real. It is more entertaining than reading books. Although the emotion is just the same, but watching the characters into life is much more entertaining and less time consuming.

It gives me a hint at men

One of the reasons why I love watching romantic movies is the fact that it helps me understand men and even women alike. The relationship, struggles, and learning I get from the movie will be then applied to my personal relationship. They say that most romantic movies are fictional and some of the scenes are impossible to happen in real life. I don’t mind at all for as long as I get some hints and strategies to deal with my man, then that’s just fine with me.

I can relate to the character

Whenever I watch romantic movies, I am imagining that I am the lead character of the movie. I am 30 years old and I admit that I have been into many relationship, different kinds of relationship. I can say that I can somehow relate to the characters of the romantic movie. At some point in my life, I was in their situation. Hence, watching romantic movie is like reliving the memories of the past.

Some of the romantic movies that I will never ever forget are TitanicThe Notebook, Dear John, and The Fault in Our Stars. If you have not watch these movies, then I strongly suggest you go and get a copy of such movies. They can surely change the way you see love and life in general.