Supporting the Movie Industry Through Art

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I have always been a fan of good movies. I watch all sorts of movies from action films, drama, fantasy, science fiction, comedy, love stories, romantic comedies, and even cartoons and real life adaptations and book adaptations. Whenever I hear about a good movie, I would make sure that I do not miss watching it so that I could collect more and more inspiration for my mini sets.

My house has a room filled with my creations of mini sets from different movies that I loved dearly. I have mini sets from the most inspiring and memorable scenes from Titanic, Frozen, Jumanji, Jurassic Park, 50 first dates, High school musical, and many more. When I make a set for a movie, it is like my own way of showing that I was moved by it or simply entertained.

These mini sets have been with me since I started doing them, which is about 3 years now. They are my dearest possessions and they somehow showcase my growth over the years. I would be devastated if anything happens to even a single one of them.

For the security of my creations, I make sure that my house is free from any type of possible harm. I make sure they are well placed and that they will not get in the way of other people living in the house.

This hobby is just but one of the many things I do to show my love and appreciation for the movie industry. Maybe, someday, I would be able to work in a movie crew.

Unlike other people that wish to become famous and be part of movies, I have a different desire. I wish to be a part of many successful movies, but I want to be behind the camera. I want to be part of the creative team that actually makes the magic happen in movies.

Being able to find out how they do the things they do, the lights, sounds, the effects, creating set after set, they seem to not run out of things to do, and that I really wonder how it would be to work that way.

I would find so much joy in being able to serve the movie industry. But at the moment, I will be contented in supporting them through my continued patronage of their art, as well as in perfecting my handicraft of mini sets.